Work Guidelines

Your Rights as a Volunteer

  • The right to be treated as a co-worker, not just free help, and to be acknowledged as a part of the team.
  • The right to say NO to any situation or task with which you feel uncomfortable.
  • The right to information, training, and guidance in relation to the tasks assigned.
  • The right to personal safety.
  • The right to give input in service planning.
  • The right to complain if the above criteria, or other factors which cause problems or concerns, are not being met, without fear of consequences.


Your Responsibilites as a Volunteer

  • Being a volunteer is a responsible job – you have definite commitments.
  • Be reliable. Make definite times to help and keep these appointments. Continuity is important both to the clients and for the smooth running of the organisation.
  • You have a responsibility to respect the privacy of clients and not to disclose information about them to other clients or to third parties.
  • You should be willing to learn and participate in training sessions and meetings wherever possible.


Work Done on the Job

An easy care garden is one which is safe and pleasant, requires low maintenance, and minimal upkeep. This is achieved through specifically designed strategies and project plan procedures. Such procedures include:

  • Mulching – This involves removing weeds, fertilising, adding mulching material and wet newspapers, to prevent further weed growth and to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.
  • Pruning – This involves cutting back overgrown parts of the plant to free pathways and passageways, allowing easier access to certain areas. Pruning also reduces gutter clutter, to help reduce gutter leaks and downpipe blockages.
  • Composting – This strategy involves building a compost heap to eliminate garden refuse from our overloaded rubbish tips, and to enrich the clients garden.
  • Tool care – Easy Care Gardening trains volunteers to better maintain their tools and materials (eg: keeping tools sharp) in order to maximise efficient use and life of the tools. For more information, please contact Easy Care Gardening and talk with a representative about any of the above areas.
  • Weeding – Your Coordinator or Team Leader will discuss which plants are weeds and where and when to remove them with you at each client’s home.
  • Helpful Sheets


Insurance for Volunteers

  • ECG has an insurance policy which covers volunteers in the event of sustaining a disabling injury whilst working for clients.
  • Motor Vehicles must be comprehensively insured by the volunteer before any claim can be made for reimbursement of any normal excess for accidental damage caused whilst the vehicle is being used for Easy Care Gardening Inc. duties.
  • In general, you are covered from the time you leave your home, providing you take a direct route to your voluntary work.
  • We would also advise that all volunteers have a current tetanus injection.