Happy 100th Birthday Norma

Visiting Norma last week was a thrill. You could feel how excited she was, how proud of her milestone. And who wouldn’t be? It’s not everyday that someone turns 100.

Norma and her prized birthday cards

The letters and cards on the sideboard said it all. There was the usual congratulations from family and friends, but there, in prize position, were the trio most of us can only imagine. A card from Her Majesty the Queen, one from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and another from the Governor – General or Australia His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd).

Norma is, of course, one of our regular clients. She is helped out by the amazing Tuesday morning team and coordinator Jennifer Nakhla. They regular trim, weed, clip and rake her garden into its prim and proper shape, helping Norma to stay on top of the chores.

Norma was kind enough to let us come and visit her and remarked how grateful she is for the wonderful help from ECG that has enabled her to stay in her own home and keep it looking so respectable. “It becomes so much more important as you are able to do less yourself,” she said.

One of Norma’s fabulous Camellias flowering for her birthday party

Norma loves her home and garden, where she moved to with her husband after all the kids had left home, although one daughter has moved back in now to keep her company. It’s a huge privilege to help Norma be able to live at home independently. What a Centenarian.

The beautiful flowers Easy Care Gardening presented Norma for her birthday