Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organise to have volunteers at my place?

All new clients must first apply for Easy Care Gardening through the Department of Health My Aged Care. Free call:  1800 200 422. After Easy Care Gardening receive your referral an Easy Care Gardening Wait List letter will be posted to you.

Do you ever go to suburbs outside the Hornsby Shire, Ku-ring-gai, Hunter’s Hill or Ryde local government areas (LGA’s)?

No, only suburbs within those 4 LGA’s.

Can I get my lawn mown?

Unfortunately we can’t mow lawns or recommend contractors.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary and are provided on application with the service. Easy Care Gardening (ECG) is part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). ECG is a subsidised service and clients are expected to contribute towards the cost of any CHSP service they receive.

Why do you use volunteers?

Back in 1988 three community spirited women started to assist an elderly neighbour with her garden. The idea caught on and after 6 months volunteers were looking after the gardens of 30 clients. From this simple beginning Easy Care Gardening grew into the large organisation it is today, servicing over 1,000 gardens a year. We have over 300 volunteers and this is what sets Easy Care Gardening apart from other gardening services.  A service delivered by volunteers has a different “feel” to it – our volunteers garden because they want to make a positive difference. They bring energy, generosity and community spirit with them every time they garden. As an added bonus the cost of our gardening service is less because of our reduced labour costs.

What sort of checks and training do the volunteers need?

Before someone may become a volunteer of Easy Care Gardening, they have to go through standard recruitment process. We explain things like volunteer and client rights, workplace health and safety, and Privacy and Confidentially. We run a police check on all new volunteers, and repeat the check every three years. New volunteers get on the job orientation when they first sign up. We offer ongoing training opportunities to all our volunteers, at no cost, as they become available.

How long do I need to volunteer for?

How often you volunteer is also your call. Some people come for one day a year (paid volunteer leave from their employer). Others volunteer multiple times each week – and stay with us for years!  We understand that volunteering needs to fit in with the other things in your life. We appreciate every hour of volunteer time that is generously contributed.