Gardening Australia and Costa Lend a Helping Hand

How exciting it was for Gloria and all our volunteers the day the ABC joined us on one of our garden maintenance visits.? You can watch the segment here.

ABC’s Gardening Australia’s Helping Hands Segment on Easy Care Gardening Inc.
The Easy Care Gardening Volunteers and Costa Georgiadis after the “hard yards” at Gloria’s place with ABC’s Gardening Australia

This dedicated crew of volunteers are headed up by Easy Care Gardening Coordinator Larissa Hansen, who loved the day and meeting Costa Georgiadis.

Larissa Hansen, Easy Care Gardening Coordinator, and Gardening Australia presenter Costa Georgiadis

A fabulous day was had by all our volunteers as they tarried away at Gloria’s place in Pennant Hills. 93 year old Gloria has spent decades at home planting and caring for her garden, so when it finally became too much for her to manage, our team took over.

Gloria and Costa catch up over a cuppa

Of course, our days are always about two things, the clients and the volunteers. This day was no exception, even if it took all day to film!

Wow, who would have thought that our three hour gardening session and morning tea could last the day with all those “pieces to camera”, “cut away shots”, “take two’s” and other general filming stuff?!

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It was such a great experience. If you missed it, you can watch the segment back on the ABC online here.