The majority of clients who come to us feel that they are unable to cope at home as their garden is overgrown and paths have become slippery and dangerous. They cannot afford expensive commercial rates for gardening and lawn mowing and so, without this important service, these people are at risk of premature or unnecessary institutionalisation.

Our service helps them retain their independence and stay in their own home. Teams of volunteer gardeners ensure that our elderly and disabled clients are able to safely negotiate their paths to the front gate, letterbox and clothesline. Shrubs are pruned, gardens are weeded and made “easy care”. The house looks cared for again giving the resident a sense of pride, and there is less risk of vandalism or other criminal activity.

  • Easy Care Gardening Inc provides a gardening service by teams of volunteers for frail older people living in their own homes in the Hornsby, Hunters Hill, Ku-ring-gai and Ryde local government areas.
  • To become a client with Easy Care Gardening you need to register with My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, and ask to be referred to Easy Care Gardening.
  • Once we have received your referral from My Aged Care we will send you a Waiting List Application Letter to fill in and return to us.
  • After we have received your Application Letter we will contact you and explain the work that we do and the costs involved and process your application.
  • If you have any questions please call the office on 9983 1644, Monday to Friday.

Client Case Study

Merv and Thelma

When Merv and Thelma first moved into their home in West Ryde over 60 years ago it looked nothing like it does now.  There was a broken down outside privy and the back garden was overrun with blackberries, for starters. Then there was the piles of rubbish they had to remove from the makeshift tip that was in the back, the cleaning and the painting.  Today their home is unrecognisable from the picture they paint telling of those early days. 

Obviously keen gardeners and house proud, their place is now graced by some fabulous trees; an Australian cedar they bought as a tubestock from the Forestry Nursery in Pennant Hills and a liquidambar they probably wouldn’t put in again if they had their time over are just a few to name.  The shaded oasis they have created is full of native birds too – galahs, magpies, butcher birds, wattle birds, and native honeyeaters are just some of the feathered ‘friends’ that have made Merv and Thelma’s place home for many generations, and they clearly have an intimate relationship with each other.

So, where does Easy Care Gardening come in? A few years back the couple felt that the garden was getting away from them.  Now the team from ECG visit a few times a year, which is just enough to get some of the harder weeding and pruning jobs done.  Merv says this is perfect as it helps him feel like he can manage, and he is encouraged to stay active in the garden himself, tackling smaller jobs every day and staying active in the outdoors.  This is important for Thelma too.  She uses a walker nowadays, so keeping the paths clear and clean means she can get outside in the garden to almost every corner of the yard, and visit all the special plants she has collected, planted and tended over the years.  She’s been thrilled with the attention to detail the volunteers have shown, and they both love having the company each visit.  Best of all, they don’t have to worry about the blackberries (and other weeds) reclaiming their old turf, and the garden can continue to be rich a habitat haven.

‘Friends’ popping over for supper